Electronics and low voltage cables

Signal & Control Cables

These Cables are commonly used within the automation and process control industry as an interconnecting cable to measure,
control and regulate computer aided production and also as a flexible cable supplying power to machinery used on production
lines, conveyors and computer units.
Control Cables are available with numbered cores & have the option of color-coded cores in certain sizes.
These cables are available in LSZH or PVC Jackets,

Instrumentation Cables

During detailed design project, the cable shall be selected with suitable specification for the  intended application. In the beginning of the project, the specification for each cable part shall be carefully specified to satisfy the requirement of application and environmental condition. Normally the instrument cable consists of conductors, insulation, screen/shield, armor and outer jacket therefore the specification should covers and details each of them. The following information only describes the structure and its example, however the specification for each project may differ and shall be evaluated case by case hence details specified herein is not recommended to be copied and used directly.

– Conductor material, commonly used material is copper. Tinned coated copper may also be selected to prevent copper oxides which provides more durable and corrosion resistance
– Design of the conductor, whether solid, stranded, and flexible. Stranded conductor means the conductor is not single; instead it consists of several smaller size conductors which allow more flexibility.
– Size of the conductor cross section. Determining the size of the conductor requires information of the device operating voltage and current, length and resistance of the cable as they will contribute to the voltage drop across the cable. Cable shall be sized and ensured that the device at the end of the cable will function properly at a given voltage.

– Insulation material
The choice of insulation material is driven by several requirements such as electrical transmission properties, minimum and maximum temperature rating, burning behavior, abrasion and corrosion resistant

– Insulation thickness
The selection of insulation thickness, together with conductor specification, will be determined from the requirement of the voltage rating and cable strength. Note that the insulation thickness also contributes to the flexibility of the cable.

Screen is constructed from aluminized polyester film/tape which provide protection from external interference. The aluminum tape is spirally wrapped with 25% overlap to guarantee 100% coverage of cable element including in bending area. Screen also consists of copper drain wire of which shall be electrically in contact with the screen along the cable. Armor (to protect the cable against mechanical stress/load during construction and operation)

The selection of cable armor mainly depends on the cable installation and required mechanical properties such as maximum tensile loads, pressure loads, protection against rodent, minimum bending radius, direct burial installation. There are several types of cable such as galvanized steel wire braid, galvanized steel wire tape and galvanize steel wire round armor which each has advantages over each others.

– Environmental condition (humidity, temperature, solar radiation) – Method of installation (indoor, outdoor, direct buried, on trays, etc.
– Possibility of oil, chemical spills or abrasion
– Behavior in fire (low smoke, zero halogen to avoid toxicant)
– Flame retardant or fire resistant

Fire & Security Cables

These types of Cables are recommended for applications where the cables may need to operate for an extended period of time in comparison to a standard Fire Cable, e.g buildings of larger size where evacuation times are greater or buildings where sprinkler systems are not installed.

High-performance specialty Cables for utmost safety, productivity and resistance to harsh environmental conditions. From floating production storage and offloading platforms to jack-up rigs, mobile offshore drilling units and land-based drilling rigs, General Cable is uniquely positioned worldwide with an offering of the industry’s most comprehensive line of advanced IEEE, IEC and Communications offshore and marine shipboard cables.

For Petrochemical environment, a full-range of cables from 24 V to 36 kV for the three critical functions of refineries and offshore platforms.

Audio Visual Cables

A complete line of broadcast, professional and commercial audio and video Cables, and connectivity. Whether integrating analog or digital, we can offer a solution for your installation needs.

Coaxial cable is mainly used in the cable television industry, and in computer networks. Coaxial Cable is available in a range of different types (6 series and 11 series 75 Ω drop cables. These products provide high quality signal transmission, faster and easier installation) and for varying applications, such as MATV, CCTV and digital satellite installations.

For video or broadband signals, our available coaxial types including RG11, RG6 and RG59. As well as the 50 Ω Transmission and Computer Cable.

All Coaxial Cables can be provided in PVC or LSZH Sheath.

Can support data transmission speeds of up to 1GB per second. Our range of high performance Data Cables includes Category 5E, which supports frequencies up to 100MHz and Category 6 cables which can support frequencies as high as 250MHz and is suitable for 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX (Fast Ethernet), 1000BASE-T/1000BASE-TX (Gigabit Ethernet) and 10GBASE-T (10-Gigabit Ethernet).

Telephone cables are designed to interconnect telephone equipment, for Indoor & outdoor applications, Our cables ensures reliable, cost-effective performance. We provide British Standard or any required standard, filled core and Screened, for aerial, buried and duct applications.

Telecommunication Cables also suitable for interconnection of other equipment or low level signaling applications..

Structured Cabling Solution

For network infrastructure & communications networks, our product line offers the highest-performing, most intelligent network infrastructure solutions for data, voice, video and building management applications with advanced technology and global manufacturing capabilities.

Solutions includes:
  • Category 6A, 6, 5e and CAT3 Cables.
  • Copper & Optical Fiber networking systems.
  • Enclosures, Racks & related accessories.
  • UPS Systems & Batteries.
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